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[Radio.Nica] opens Belgrade of Light festival!

It was a night to remember!

We opened a festival called Belgrade of Light, its 10th anniversary!

We opened it with the work-in-progress performance "The BOX / Q | Ti | Ja"

And it was fantastic! It was so well organized and so crowded in KC Grad in Belgrade, that we had to play 3 times in a row for all the people that wanted to see the performance.

It was such a pleasure!

This is how the festival crew saw us:

Spectacular performance by Radio.Nica - [THE BOX | Q / TI / JA] opened Belgrade of Light 2019 last night. The performance was inspired with "The Ray of the Microcosm" by Petar II Petrovic Njegos, and with the help of the graphoscopic alchemy, lasers, crystals and other analog sources of light, Radio.Nica was creating pure magic on the stage. ✨❤️👏 #imaginelight

Here is a short video that announced the show.

And Thanks to a quick and sophisticated eye of the photographer Vojislav Gelevski, here are some photos of our performance:

The crew was creative, inspirative, well organized and here is a big hug for:

Beba Tanjica Livija Nika Ana Đole Gaga

and a HUGE THANKS to:

Boris Butorac Buda the Alchemy master

Goran Simonoski Jelena Stupljanin Nikola Vujović

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