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2017. - another challenge

Long time without an entry.

I switch to English as I feel it is more palatable for people who doesn't know what I do and doesn't speak any Serbian.

So far, year 2017 have brought a lot of interesting challenges and here are some of them that I count as important, concerning theatre and love:

1. HASSAN in Zagreb I have just started a new rehearsals in Zagreb, Croatia, at Moruzgva theater in co-production with Theater Velika Gorica. It is a new text written by well known Croatian author Renato Baretić, and it is called "Hassan" so far but it will probably be called "Better Life Hunters", but it is not sure yet, we will decide soon enough, as opening will happen in October 2017.

Here is a photo from our first rehearsal, taken 2 days ago in Gavella theater in Zagreb where we have our rehearsals.

Amazing cast makes this work extremely exciting, and it is made of the finest Croatian artists such as: Ecija Ojdanić, Erna Rudnički, Ksenija Marinković and Slavko Sobin. I am really excited and proud that I have got the chance to collaborate with these fine people!

2. FORTINBRAS in Novi Sad

Janusz Glowacki's "Fortinbras got drunk" is an absurd and grotesque play that I have directed in Novi Sad, Serbia, in National Serbian Theatre. It will be open in October 2017. but we had an open general rehearsal for some limited audience and it was very generous exchange between audience and my team. We know now what to do in order to make this show more challenging and more dynamic for the opening to come.

I am lucky to have another great team in this show!

Alisa Lacko, Igor Pavlović, Milan Kovačević, Nenad Pećinar, Dušan Jakišić, Srđan Stojnović Stojna and Marko Savić really made this show special (so far).

Here is a short presentation of the show for a TV chanel RTV1:

3. Don Quixote in Tuzla, Bosnia

Another unreal experience, this time in Bosnia, where I never worked before. It deserves way longer story on how on Earth did I make it there, and I hope to write more about that in some other blog post soon.

Let me say that I fell in love with Bosnia, Tuzla and Tuzla people. And I plan to come back there, as the process for Don Quixote was so exciting, full of surprises and creative inspiration, that could be easily tracked in the show, as a result of hard work in a great team.

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