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[Radio.Nica] performed on February the 4th 2019. in Cultural Center GRAD opening the festival Belgrade of Light. It was a great pleasure and opportunity to meet an amazing audience and share some visual poetry inspired by Petar II Petrović Njegoš metaphysically / philosophical poem "Luča mikrokozma / The Light of the microcosm".
The performance is called "The BOX / Q | Ti | Ja" and it combines:
music / circus / dance / liquid light show / poetry / alchemy / ambient music / light design / analog lights / hand torches / hand lasers / crystals / reflective surfaces etc.
The crowd was amazing and the house was full, so that we had to perform 3 times in a row in order to present it to everyone who wanted to see it.
What a night that was!
Photographer: Vojislav Gelevski

-[ Radio.Nica ]- a light design artistic group

-[ Radio.Nica ]- is a flexible and constantly evolving group of artists with different backgrounds (theater directors, designers, dramaturges, performers, circus artists etc.) experimenting with light design. We play with variety of light sources, mostly analog, old and new, common and unusual. We perform and make magic with liquid light shows projected from overhead projectors, and we sparkle light through hand torches, lasers, kaleidoscopes, glass crystals and other fine and reflective material.

-[ Radio.Nica ]- in Struga, Macedonia
-[ Radio.Nica ]- in Struga, Macedonia

The group was spontaneously created after the first light design workshop organized for Student Theatre Festival in Belgrade (FIST) that was held in 2005.

I (Nikola Zavišić) named the workshop: "The Space of Light / The Light of Space" and after it was over, we (some of the participants and me) decided to go on with it, in different forms, putting always new and different ideas about playing with light on test.

 -[Radio.nica]-workshop on Art Eco festival in Žabljak, montenegro,

with respected circus artists, short presentation


Selected work of Radio.Nica:

- at “Zvezdarište” festival in Belgrade (2009. 2010. 2011. 2013.), an open call for different professional participants.

- 2010. – Nurnberg, Germany, Festival Theater in education, with high-school students.
2011. – Zurich, Switzerland – workshop for MA students of theatre design, Academy of Performing Arts (ZdF)

- 2012. – Žabljak, Montenegro, as a part of Art-Eco festival, with professional participants from around Balkan region and with participation of circus artists from 2 groups: “Ludifico” from Novi Sad and “Cirkusfera” from Belgrade, Serbia.

- 2013. – Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with high-school students.

- 2013. – Belgrade, Dom Omladine, concert of Ana Ćurčin, a female-performer of Americana music.

- 2014. – Bačka Planka, Festival of Ecological Theatre, with primary school students.

- 2014. – Struga, Macedonia, as a part of a Generator project, with primary school students and professional contemporary dance artists, actors and educators.

- 2014. – Belgrade, Serbia, Festival Mad in Belgrade, with circus group “Ludifico”, as a part of a special off program for festival visitors.

- 2014. – Belgrade, Dom Omladine, Americana night, a concert of several Americana music groups, special light and overhead projector effects.


Radio.Nica Re-Boot with new show The BOX / Q | T | Ya

We pwerformed the show 14 times on different festivals in different cities in Serbia and abroad.

1. Belgrade of Light festival / opening performance / The BOX / Q | Ti | Ja

2. Cultural Center GRAD 10th birthday, new version - The BOX 2.0

3. Belgrade's Night of Museums, pavillon Cvijeta Zuzorić on Kalemegdan – version The BOX 2.1

4. Festival SKLAD (Skopje Light Art District) in Skoplje, North Macedonia – new version of the show that goes by name: „MICROCOSM“.

6. Festival Dev9t, Belgrade in Stara ciglana

7. Festival of Ecological Theatre for children and youth (FEP) in Bačka Palanka

8. Festival BITEF Polifonia, Beograd
9. National theatre in Šabac, Serbia


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