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A list of all theatrical plays I have directed so far

*red number stands before performance that was awarded with at least one award on at least one Theater festival

01. Death (Academic Theatre “Branko Krsmanović“, Belgrade)
02. Achilles and the Virgins (Academic Theatre “Branko Krsmanović“, Belgrade)


03. Do you like secret agent James? (Cultural Centre Bela Crkva)
04. Aechilles strikes back (Cultural Centre Bela Crkva)
05. Dreams 95. (Cultural Centre Bela Crkva)


06. Suitcases (Prague Arts Academy, Czech Republic)

07. Serbo-cop (Academic Theatre “Branko Krsmanović“, Belgrade)


08. Too big Muzzy (Belgrade English Speaking Theatre)


09. 7 Years of luck (ComFactory, Prague, Czech Republic)


10. One – the book of bamboo (ComFactory, Prague, Czech Republic)


11. The Light of the Microcosm (Cultural centre ReX, Belgrade )


12. The Death (Prague Arts Academy, Prague, Czech Republic)
13. The Stranger (Ponec Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic)


14. Kiki & Bozo (Children Theatre “Duško Radović“, Belgrade)


15. Get to the Destination Unknown (Cultural Centre Pančevo)
16. Several suitcases, once in a while, maybe (OEROL festival, Holland)


17. 1984 (Bitef Theatre Belgrade / Grand Theatre Groningen, Holland)
18. Almost Anyone May Fall, Except the Heron (Children Theatre “Duško Radović“)


19. The Bird of Paradise (National Theater Užice)
20. Plasticine (Atelier 212, Belgrade)

21. Alladin and the Enchanted Lamp (Puppet Theatre “Pinokio“, Belgrade)
22. Farty and the grand theft of the Spring (Puppet Theatre “Pinokio“, Belgrade)
23. A Foreplay in the Theatre (Podgorica City Theatre, Montenegro)


24. Godot on a Hot Thin Roof (Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad)
25. The Castle (Jugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade)

26. Captain Black Beard, Cocoa and Chocolate (Podgorica City Theatre)
27. Bastien and Bastiene (Puppet Theatre “Pinokio”, Belgrade)
28. RazBOYnici / The Robbers (National Theatre Subotica)


29. Bli (Atelier 212, Belgrade)
30. Paul Street Boys (Children Theatre “Duško Radović“, Belgrade)
31. Marriage Agency (Cultural Centre Rakovica, Belgrade)
32. Playing the Victim (National Theatre Belgrade)


33. Nightmares (National Theatre Subotica)
34. The Last Man on Earth (Bitef Theatre, Belgrade)


35. I Love Thee (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, Slovenia)
36. Seagull #2 (National Theatre Subotica)
37. Situations (National Theatre Sombor)

38. Emile and the Detectives (Children Theatre of Branko Mihaljević in Osijek, Croatia)
39. Close Relatives (“Boško Buha” Theatre, Belgrade)


40. The Importance of Being Earnest (National Theatre Belgrade)
41. Sava Savanović – A Vampire Symphony (National Theatre Kikinda)
42. The Manuscript (National Theatre Subotica)
43. Too Many Beginnings (Academic Theatre „Branko Krsmanović“, Belgrade)
44. The Emperor’s New Clothes (Festival TIBA / Belgrade – Kotor International Children Theatre Festival, Montenegro)

45. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (Children Theatre “Duško Radović“, Belgrade)


46. High Life (Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad)
47. Assembly Woman (National Theatre Subotica)
48. The Capricious Girl (National Theatre Belgrade)
49. James’s Cats (Children Theatre of Branko Mihaljević in Osijek, Croatia)
50. Complete Works of Williem Shakespeare, Abridged (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, Slovenia)
51. From the Ant to the Lion (National Theatre Kikinda)
52. Dylan Dog, the Nightmare Explorer (Youth Theatre Novi Sad)


53. Ali-Baba and 40 Thiefs (Puppet Theatre “Pinokio”, Belgrade)
54. Michael Kohlhaas (Ptuj City Theatre, Slovenia)


55. Flying Theatre Company (National Theatre “Sterija”, Vršac)
56. Lost Loves (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, Slovenia)
57. Medea Case (Arts Academy in Osijek, Croatia)

58. Jonathan’s Flight / Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Children Theatre of Branko Mihaljević in Osijek, Croatia)
59. I Admit! (Daiga Company, Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
60. The Executor (“Boško Buha“ Theatre, Belgrade)


61. Hamlet (Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad)
62. Three Sisters (Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, Croatia) /
Nominated in 6 categories for Croatian National Theatre Prize [Best Performance, and 5 other Nominations for acto]
63. Ubu Cocu (National Theatre Kikinda)
64. Romeo and Juliet (National Theatre “Toša Jovanović“, Zrenjanin)
65. Nora, a Doll’s House (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, Slovenia)

66. Invisible (Theatre Virovitica / Zadar Puppet Thetre)
67. Mausoleum (Deutches Theater, Berlin / the Box)
68. Witty Cavalier Don Quijote (National Theatre Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
69. Fortinbras Got Drunk (Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad)
70. Hassan / OtpisaNE! (Moruzgva Theatre / Velika Gorica Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia)

71. Our Secrets (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, Slovenia)
72. Transformation (Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theatre, Siberia, Russia)
73. The Ugly Duckling (Puppet Theatre “Gulliver”, Kurgan, Russia)

74. The Trnje Three (Children Theatre Branko Mihaljević in Osijek, Croatia)


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