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Vampire Symphony Sava Savanović

Danica Nikolić Nikolić wrote a marvelous vampire musical, and I directed it in National Theatre Kikinda back in 2012. The show is still alive 6 years after its birth...

Sava Savanović - Vampire Symphony had a successful run on a Teatar Fest "Petar Kočić" festival in Republika Srpska // Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it won two prizes:

1. Special jury award for directing - Nikola Zavišić

2. "Step towards Bravity" - special award of RTVRS (Radio-television station of Republic Srpska / Bosnia and Hercegovina)

A journalist that saw the show wrote on "Sava Savanović - Vampire Symphony":

"Dark ambient, enforced by 8-actors-chorus, dressed in long black cloaks with huge hoods hiding their faces, suggests to the audience that they are watching a horror show. But it is a huge mislead! Because, as the show enrolls, it really makes the audience scream, but out of laugh, not fear!"

Savo Draklić

"The Independent Papers"

Banja Luka

Marko Gvero as vampire Sava

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